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Otello pin ba002.jpg ba003.jpg Pin ba005.jpg
Stickpins bae002 winged Godess   baf002
Nofrotete Pin Nofrotete pin Godess pin baf001.jpg baf002.jpg
kleine Magier Brosche Magier Brosche Magier Brosche mit  Kugel Magierkopf mit Rubin Raja brosche, Pin
Mohrenbrosche HAR Mohrenbro Magier Brosche bag005.jpg Raja Pin g
HAR  Brosche, Chinese, sehr seltener Modeschmuck Faun Brosche bf001 Mona Lisa pin Ballerina Brosche
Chinese men Faun Brosche french lady Mona Lisa Brosche Ballerina
Mohr mit Turban Mohren kopf brosche blackamoor jewel Moro Moretti
Mohrenbrosche Mohren Brosche Venezia Moro pin Mohrennadel
black men pin Black amoor brooch Blackamoor pin venetian Mohrenbrosche  mit filigraner Büste Wunderschöne Mohrenbüste
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Sterling Silber Brosche emailliert Venezianischer Mohr mit antikem Rubintropfen, Diamantohrring Herrliche Mohrenbrosche von Butler und Wilson Mohr mit Turban Jolly Mohrenbrosche Ohrring mit Onyx
Mohren B & W Mohr Oct18154.jpg Oct18155.jpg Oct18156.jpg
Engelsbrosche Sterlingsilber Paar Mohren Broschen Putto Ohrstecker Tempel Brosche Ring
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Der Mohr

Sinnbild exotischer Handelspartner, der venezianischen Seefahrer des Mittelalters.

Durch seine ungewöhnlich Erscheinung, die geschmückten und imposanten Turbane und seine Raffinesse, exotische Güter anzubieten, beeindruckte, er die mittelalterliche Kaufleute nachhaltig.

Als Motif wurde er vielfach verwendet und fantasievoll und prächtig ausgeschmückt. Mit Edelsteinen, vor allem Perlen, Korallen und Email verziehrt.

Moretto” or Moor’s head, the historic emblem of VeniceThe origins of the blackamoors go back to ancient times, when the Saracen pirates plagued the Dalmatia's coasts. For centuries the Moors played a significant role in the balance power in Venice.

English: During the Hellenistic age in Fiume (Istria) similar golden earrings with black and white enamel decorations were produced, having a talisman function. During the centuries of the Turkish invasions, the populations of the coasts always wore them and gave them to the churches as thanks for the avoided danger. So the amulet came to Venice, not to exorcise sea attacks, but to represent the enslaved Turkish pirate.Venice was an important seaport, at the crossroads of Asian and European trade routes. Many rulers vied for the control of Venice, especially Moorish rulers. In the 18th century, it became fashionable for Venetian soldiers to wear a single earring in the shape of a blackmoor head with decorative gemstones as a symbol of courage against the onslaught of Moorish troops.

In the course of history we find blackamoors in the Carpaccio representations, as a quiet gondolier with turban and feathers, part of a beautiful lagoonal scenography. Shakespeare immortalised the noble Moor of Venice in his play “Othello”.

As the dominion of the Serenissima on the Adriatic consolidated, the earring representation disappeared to give its place to different objects - with different meanings - for the representation of the blackamoors. In our century the originality and phantasy of the Venetian people created an endless variety of blackamoors representations: bust and tuban have become a space where the best local goldsmith's techniques are represented, with fretworks, engravings and filigrees. In recent times the monochromatism often prevailed with pearls, brilliants, emeralds or rubys for an extremely selected clientele like noble and royal families.

Magnificent miniature blackemoor brooches.

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